UPark on Rundle Street

587 spaces available
Payment accepted by Cash, Visa, Mastercard or online with Visa or Mastercard Phone 82037203 Email city@cityofadelaide.com.au


UPark on Rundle Street 163-185 Rundle St Enter/Exit Rundle Street East is in close proximity to:

  • Adelaide Arcade - Great cafes and restaurants.
  • Rundle Mall and Rundle Street - Adelaide’s fashion hub.
  • East Terrace - Ideal location for short-term appointments in the East End.

Online booking available at this location click here to find out about the unique products on offer and how to book a space.

Fees apply Midnight - Midnight

Standard Fees

0–1 hour $5.00
1–2 hours $10.00
2–3 hours $14.00
3–4 hours $18.00
4–5 hours $23.00
5–6 hours $27.00
6+ hours $29.00
Lost Ticket $29.00

Night Parking

$8 flat fee offered on: Night rates apply after night rate starts and in addtion to any day fees already incurred. Try booking on line with UBook@UPark  $7

  • Monday to Thursday and Saturday after 6.00pm to 6.00am following morning
  • Friday after 9.30pm to 6.00am Saturday

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Extended Night Parking

$13 after 2.30 pm to midnight Monday - Saturday only available with UBook@UPark

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Overnight Parking

$8 enter between 8.00pm - midnight to 7.00am following day Available Mon - Sun only available with UBook@UPark

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Weekend Overnight Parking

$15 Overnight Friday to Saturday from Fri 4.30 pm to Sat 10.00 am or Overnight Saturday from Sat 2.30 pm to 10.00 am Sun only available online with UBook@UPark

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Sunday Parking

$8  on Sunday.

$7 Sunday prebook with UBook@UPark


Early Bird Parking

$14 on Monday to Saturday if you enter before 9.30am and exit before 7.00pm. Exit after 7.00pm will incur the night fee as well.

$13 Monday to Saturday prebook at UBook@UPark

$18 Extended Early bird Monday to Saturday stay till midnight book online at UBook@UPark


Public Holiday Parking

$8 from Monday 3 April.

$8 flat fee excludes any public holiday on a Saturday.

Daily Rate

$28 Guarantee your parking anytime with the Daily Rate book on line with UBook@UPark

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Permanent Parking

Permanent Reserved and Permanent Unreserved Parking are both available at this UPark. Administration set up fee of $20 applies

Permanent Reserved Parking is available at $305 per month.

Permanent Unreserved Parking is available at $285 per month.

Visit our Permanent Parking page for more information.

Bicycle Parking

UPark now offers secure bike storage in an enclosed cage area for $10 monthly with individual lockers for an additional $5 per month. Located on the left of the main entrance off Rundle Street, the cage is accessible using a swipe card. UPark on Rundle Street does not provide keys for these lockers.

Bike Lockers (yellow lock-up boxes) are also available at at a cost of $20 per month.

A $30 set up fee applies.

Other Information

  • Height Clearance: 1.98m & 1.87m (Basement)