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Sydney Roosters v Melbourne Storm

Friday 29 June 29 at 7.50pm

Enter after 5pm,  exit by midnight (Gawler), 1am (Wyatt), or 2am (Topham)

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Looking to take advantage of our footy parking?

Six ways to make the most of your match day parking at UPark in the city.

  1. Plan ahead: Organisation is key when it comes to making the most of your time. Careful planning will help ensure your day runs smoothly. Allow plenty of time for extra traffic and pre-book your parking in advance.     
  2. Take in the sights: On the walk from UPark on Topham Mall to the Adelaide Oval there is plenty on offer to stimulate your senses. Why not indulge at any of the small laneway eateries or variety of restaurants, perfect for sharing plates with friends or family.
  3. Meet with friends: Make the most of being out and about and organise to catch up with your friends before or after the game.  
  4. Don't rush: All UParks are open until at least midnight every night, with selected locations staying open later on weekends or 24 hours. Check the opening hours of your closest UPark.
  5. Choose card over cash: Use a credit card to enter your UPark, instead of taking a ticket, so that you don’t have to line up at the pay station before exiting.​
  6. Unsure about something? The friendly UPark team are always happy to help if you require assistance in one of our car parks. Help buttons are located at entries/exits and every pay station. If in doubt, press the help button to speak to a UPark team member.

Image: @rehany_maharani via Instagram

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