Accessible Parking for People with Disability

The UPark Accessibility Pass aims to give people with a disability more access to the city through parking availability.

The pass provides two hours free parking, up to 52 times per year, at all UPark car parks. It supersedes any other Disability Parking Permit discounts available at UPark.

The two hours free is calculated by removing the 1–2 hour price from your final charge.


To be eligible for the UPark Accessibility Pass you must:

  • Be a South Australian Resident
  • Have a current and valid Australian Parking Permit


Apply directly to UPark with a copy of your current Disabled Parking Permit.

If you prefer not to submit online, forms can be obtained from our staff. Once completed, this form, along with a photocopy of your valid SA Disability Parking Permit, can be handed to a UPark cashier, or posted to:

   UPark Administration
   GPO 2252
   Adelaide SA 5001


  • A UPark Accessibility Pass will only be provided once we receive a copy of your valid current South Australian Disability Parking Permit
  • Following the processing of your application, you should receive your UPark Accessibility Pass within 14 days
  • The UPark Accessibility Pass will give you up to 2 hours free parking. Maximum 52 visits per 12 month period. No credit is provided for stays under 2 hours and stays of more than 2 hours will incur costs to be paid upon exit
  • UPark will not provide any discount unless a valid UPark Accessibility Pass is produced
  • The UPark Accessibility Pass will automatically cease providing a discount when reported lost, stolen or has met the maximum number of visits per 12 month period
  • To report a card lost or stolen contact City of Adelaide Customer Centre

For More Information

If you have any questions regarding the UPark Accessibility Pass, please contact:

City of Adelaide Customer Centre
Monday–Friday, 8.30am–5.00pm
Phone: 8203 7203
Fax: 8203 7575